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The Goal of this Revolution? Destroy America!!!

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America is in the throes of a revolution against our modern-day institutions and the vestiges of our history. Hence, historical and religious buildings and monuments are being defaced and torched, ostensibly because America is a country systemically steeped in racism and bigotry. That is, the insurrectionists believe America is rotten to the core. I disagree. Vehemently so!

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Conversely, I would maintain that this movement, intent on destroying America, is comprised of dishonest and ignorant people as it relates to the world we are living in. That is, racism and bigotry are historic across all races, cultures and people groups, predating Western Civilization, meaning “white supremacists” did not invent or perfect the same.

Let’s start with the issue of slavery. Many of the slaves who came to America were sold to the slavers by fellow Africans who held these same people as slaves themselves. Moreover, to this day, blacks in Africa are still capturing blacks for slaves, primarily women as sex slaves, think Boko Haram- or maybe they should be called Boko Harem! And, frankly, today’s child brides in the Middle East and Africa constitute a form of slavery, as do the bachi-boys in Afghanistan and the child sex slaves in the Far East.

Truthfully, it was Western Civilization that eventually put an end to slavery throughout its environs, thanks in no small part to William Wilberforce, a white Christian politician who was on a literal mission from God to end the British Slave trade, not to mention Abraham Lincoln, whose memorial was recently defaced! That is, how hard is it to remember the civil war and the 14th Amendment to our Constitution?

Relatedly, while Martin Luther King’s leadership helped to end what remained of institutionalized racism and bigotry here in America a century later, culminating in the Civil Rights Act, a corresponding facet of President Johnson’s “great society” served to blow up the black family construct. That is, Uncle Sam became the breadwinner as it made unemployed black men a liability in the home.

Civil rights march on Washington, D.C

Subsequently, Patrick Moynihan prophetically warned of the downward spiral in the community via the dissolution of the nuclear family. The subsequent degradation and violence has been overwhelming. Take Chicago for instance. In the past month, hundreds of people have been shot, and dozens murdered, via black on black violence. None of this is part of the Black Lives Matter narrative. Why is that?

Furthermore, consider America’s most violent gang, MS13, started by refugees from El Salvador, who were being brutalized by other gangs, primarily the Hispanic 18th Street gang in Los Angeles, an example of Latino vs Latino bigotry and violence.

Recently, citizens in Lompoc jumped on the bandwagon demanding their police department be defunded in the name of “black lives matter”, albeit, there has not been an officer-involved death or serious injury in Lompoc in the past four years. Unfortunately, however, a black man on leave from the United States Army was recently murdered in cold blood on the streets of Lompoc. One of the Hispanic suspects has a tattoo referring to Lompoc’s biggest Hispanic gang, the VLP or Vario Lompoc Primera.

Speaking of history, decades ago, a group of primarily white radicals here in America tried to start a revolution- a communist revolution. The name of their organization was the Weathermen aka the Weather Underground. Of course, no self-respecting communists would call for a revolution without a manifesto would they? In this case, the manifesto was named “Prairie Fire” and it laid out the plans on how to destroy the United States by “destroying capitalism by way of identifying and organizing the victim class of systemic racism and police racism” by means of guerilla warfare.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

I am Andy Caldwell. We can address issues such as racism and inequality by improving America, not destroying it!

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