SB Schools Caught Operating Secret in-Person Classes for Employees😳

Caught Operating Secret In-Person Classes
for Families of District Employees.

In response to startling allegations that the Santa Barbara Unified School District has secretly carved out a special exemption allowing children of SB Unified employees that have been designated “essential workers” to return to in-class learning at Franklin, McKinley, and other Elementary schools, government watchdog and congressional candidate Andy Caldwell has renewed his demand that SB Unified and all other Central Coast school districts apply immediately for waivers to open up all elementary schools so that all children will have the equal opportunity for in-class instructions and parents will have equal opportunity to return to work.

“It is great that these students are getting a chance to return to school,” said Caldwell. “But it is unfair that hundreds of other families of essential workers like our police, nurses, and medical staff; as well as thousands of families in our community, are not being afforded the same benefit.”

“There is a growing body of evidence that the lockdown creates significant mental health injuries to students.  I was deeply concerned that politicians blithely ignored these risks,” said Caldwell.  “But now it appears they knew about the risks and tried to secretly protect their own employees while ignoring the damage they were doing to the rest of the community. The fact that they tried to do it in secret is even more shocking.”

“As Congressman, I would fight to ensure that ALL residents are treated equally,” said Caldwell. “I would launch an immediate audit and investigation, and I would hold every official accountable if they authorized, participated in, or knew about an attempt to give unfair advantages to their staff while leaving the rest of the public to suffer.”

Caldwell also challenged both SB Unified and the Santa Barbara County Public Health  Department for not disclosing the in-class learning carve out. “Just yesterday, the department outlined to the Santa Barbara County Supervisors a list of schools that had applied for waivers to reopen for in-class learning and the Franklin and Mckinley schools were not on that list.”