Neither party is serving our country well. For too long, politicians have focused on beating the other side or making outlandish promises rather than serving the people or helping their districts.

I’ll change that – not by giving up my principles, but by putting principles ahead of the party, donors, or special interests.

Too many politicians play the game of promising to trade favors at taxpayer expense in exchange for votes and campaign contributions! I will have none of that! Instead, I will protect our taxpayers and seek to represent everyone equally in order to preserve liberty and extend an opportunity for everyone.

As a member of Congress, I will fight to ensure that my children – and yours – can get a good education, make a decent living, and obtain affordable housing and healthcare. Our children deserve the opportunity to grow up in a clean, safe, and prosperous community.

My agenda is simple – make government work or get it out of the way so people can innovate, create solutions, build for the next generation, and enjoy the legacy of American freedom and opportunity.

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Ending Corruption

Corruption in government robs the people of resources needed to solve real problems – like fighting fires, reducing homelessness, protecting our nation, and caring for those who need help.

Too many politicians see government as source of unlimited money. They forget that they take that money from their citizens, and it is supposed to be used to better citizens lives, not enrich elected officials or their families.

I’ve fought against corruption and waste in government for the past 30 years – and it will be a top priority for me as your next Congressman.

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I will oppose efforts to ban private insurance, and will fight to drive down prescription and healthcare costs using proven market principles.

I don’t want healthcare decisions taken away from families and doctors and put in the hands of government and insurance industry bureaucrats!

Instead, I will fight to drive down costs, create an affordable safety-net, ensure you can keep your insurance – including MediCare supplemental insurance – while focusing on real solutions that make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

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We must have compassion for people suffering from homelessness, but we also need to do something about the impact homelessness is having on our communities. I will seek help for those willing to help themselves, while protecting our neighborhoods from negative impacts.

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National Debt

US debt is growing so fast that many of our children will face a country with less prosperity and fewer services as debt payments consume the Federal budget. I will make eliminating the deficit and reducing the National Debt a priority in Congress.

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Water is the lifeblood of our farms, communities, and businesses. I’ll fight to make water for farms and families the top priority, increase water storage to protect against droughts, and oppose needless water rationing that forces families and businesses to sacrifice while increasing the cost of water service.

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Traffic & Infrastructure

Our roads and bridges are failing, while Congress spends it’s time on political fights. I’ll work to build new capacity in addition to maintaining and repairing our infrastructure in order to reduce gridlock and increase safety.

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As the son of an immigrant, I know that legal immigration is our heritage and it is good for our country, but we need to fix our broken system. I’ll fight for real reforms that speed up legal immigration, enforce our laws, and secure our borders.