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Politicians and Criminals Conspire Against America

Perhaps it was UCLA political science department chair Michael Chwe who said it best, “American democracy can only survive when white people willingly surrender power to multiracial and multi-gender coalitions”. What does that mean in practical terms? Well, the squad, namely Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib (whom Salud Carbajal votes with 95% of the time!***), have championed “The Breathe Act” dubbed “The Civil Rights Act of 2020″.

The “act” is a project of “The Electoral Justice Movement for Black Lives”, a broad-based coalition of seditious lunatics. Unfortunately, “the squad” by endorsing this measure, will apply immense influence among Millennials and far-left activists who hereby assert, for starters, that capitalism itself, is racist. All in all, the legislation itself should be considered a criminal conspiracy!

The legislation calls for the reduction of federal funding of local police and federal law enforcement agencies. Why? Because, somehow, the people who arrest and prosecute criminals are what is wrong in America today!

The proposed legislation calls for the funding that would otherwise go to law enforcement to instead be diverted to pay for health care, education, environmental, and housing programs, as if we are not spending enough money in these areas as is.

The Breathe Act eliminates federal programs and agencies used to finance the Drug Enforcement Agency, along with, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. For you see, Mexico’s drug cartels and MS13, not to mention the world’s various terrorist groups, all of whom exist to prey upon America, pose no danger to America in comparison to white privilege.

The bill would also eliminate the funding program by which local police departments obtain surplus military equipment, such as armored vehicles, that keeps our officers and the public safe from things like pipe bombs, IED’s, and Molotov cocktails. In case you don’t recall, these type of devices were used by the Boston Marathon bombers along with the San Bernardino Islamic terrorists, among others, to maim and kill.

The champions of the Breathe Act are demanding that local jurisdictions close detention facilities, including local jails, state prisons, and youth prisons. They want drug convictions retroactively expunged and all existing state juvenile offenses repealed.

Other provisions include abolishing surveillance tactics that the proponents of the Breathe Act claim are disproportionately used to target minority communities, such as electronic monitoring, which includes ankle monitors and smart phones. While they are at it, they also want to end civil asset forfeiture, the three strikes law and criminalizing anything having to do with illegal immigration. Gang databases? Those, too, have to go, along with community policing. It is a good thing we are going to dismantle our police departments, because cops won’t have much to do, or any tools to work with, all things considered.

The Breathe Act wants reparations for not only black Americans, but for the “victims” of the war on drugs (read that people in prison) and those who have suffered via the criminalization of prostitution! While they are at it, they want all formerly incarcerated people, including illegal alien felons, to be able to vote in future elections. In fact, the act also proposes to create open borders by decriminalizing illegal immigration.

Finally, the bill wants to establish a universal basic income, which is welfare on steroids, and it wants to afford not only voting rights, but free lifetime education, whatever that means, to all illegal immigrants and incarcerated criminals.

In summary, the Breathe Act intends to eliminate our law and order institutions while aiding, abetting, and sanctioning criminals and terrorists. The act, therefore, is nothing less than a declaration of war on the freedom and liberty of law-abiding Americans, our borders, customs, and values.

What say you Salud?

Andy Caldwell

*** PS The squad ran 40 candidates against incumbent DEMOCRATS in this year’s primaries…They did not challenge Salud!!!

Why is that?
I am running for Congress because America faces not just one, but multiple crises. Our livelihoods, communities, freedoms -even our way of life are at risk. Andy Caldwell will restore our freedom, rebuild our economy and bring common sense to Congress.