Support Andy

Tell us why you are supporting Andy Caldwell!

Margaret Halsell

We so need this man of integrity who brings hope to our state of California and our country. His life work watchdog for county gives him the knowledge of the needs of the working people. We need you Andy

George Hannah

Andy is the kind of person that will fight for us, and the needs of all that live in our area of the Central Coast. I have listened to him for many years and he is exactly who we need in Congress. As others have said, he is not and will not be a career politician.

Sandra Easton

Andy is prepared to be an effective strong representative for our Central Coast CA region; he supports economic, agricultural, energy production industries to create stability in our area. He promotes education opportunities for all and sound conservation practices. He supports families! Vote Andy this November!

James Snell

Finally a candidate who understands the issues and will vote for the people of Santa Barbara County & against the Democratic Party.

Erin Stevenson

I think Andy Caldwell will actually serve the people he represents!

Lynn Wright

He stands up for what’s best for our citizens and their businesses. We need Andy to keep the crazy liberals from ruining our Paso Robles

Richard Zierman

Along with many disenfranchised Santa Barbara county residents, I chose freedom over tyranny, democracy over socialism. Stop the identity politics madness. I stand with those that stand for America. like Andy does. He is a beacon of hope in a lost, deranged Congress. Andy Caldwell has my vote and support!

Jonathan Dees

it is time to remove Salud Carbajal from office, and replace him with someone who will look out for the Central Coast’s best interests. For years, Carbajal has supported the liberal agenda that is destroying America. Recently, he has failed to condemn rioters, failed to enact change for the better, and failed to act in his constituents interests. Andy Caldwell will do far more for the Central Coast than Carbajal ever has. Vote Andy for Congress in 2020!

Veronica Cota

Andy is a well-known person around the Central Coast and surrounding areas. He has always been a straight forward, no-nonsense and decent man. I would be proud to have him in Congress because I know he will do what is right and by the Constitution that protects us all from Government Tyranny. Our votes will be 100% for Andy because he WILL get the job done

herbert Simpkins Simpkins

Andy will represent us rather than the Democratic Pelosi Machine. He favors protecting law abiding people, their families and property. He will put Freedom back in the expression “Land of the Free”

Carla Reeves

Andy’s practical approach to issues is the reason he has my vote.

Lisa Muro

Andy- Just saw the your on YouTube, and I wanted to thank you for running. God bless you! Lisa

Thomas Finucan

You are entering at a stage, which either grows our countries future, or places it in the past. That these things that occur today, are allowed to happen by force and are not regulated to peaceful dialogue means, someone wants to take over our country.

Lisa Griffith

It is so refreshing to have a voice of reason in this sea of craziness. I am so excited to endorse Andy Caldwell. I feel like we can make our little part of the world a smart and sensible one.

Gabe Donovan

Dear Andy . I think your speech has really changed my life. I want Amercia to be what I was when Obama was president and he treated America as a world of life . Biden I know he’s gonna be the one for America. When this is over I want to see all Americans to see that lives matter to everyone including me . Thank you

Joan Schumacher

Andy Caldwell is a compassionate, informed, Constitutional conservative. We NEED him as our Representative!