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Tell us why you are supporting Andy Caldwell!

Tony Dart

I’ve known Andy for many years a more honest and family, love for country and strong belief in God man could not be found. He has stayed to his principals for the over 20 years that I have known him.

Tony Dart

I’ve known Andy for many years a more honest and family, love for country and strong belief in God man could not be found. He has stayed to his principals for the over 20 years that I have known him.

Lori Eckermann

We need a change – a drastic change – to higher values than the democratic party proposes. Living together as good neighbors Not fighting each others because we of a different religion or race. In a phone call to Germany my friend said the one thing that has stayed with her all these years is that when she came to America in the early 60’s she was amazed at how we all got along. It didn’t make any difference what religion or race we were friends . This is what Andy tries to get across on his radio shows. We learn, work and pray together and are a community that cares for each other.

Finn Voss

We need sound conservatives restoring the central coast to the time of Reagan. Many of his look back fondly remembering what that was like.

Michael Hanson

I am listen to this man many times on the radio he is so in tuned with my beliefs You certainly have my support.

Michael T. J. Mullen

We need Andy now more than ever before. He doesn’t hide from reality, whether it is constituents’ complaints or serving us as our eyes & ears as a government watchdog at all levels of government. Since creating COLAB in 1991, Andy has succeeded in merging the voices of the North and South San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties and helped local labor, agriculture and business beyond anything we could have done ourselves. His thorough analysis and sharp mind are there week after week protecting our interests. And now under these draconian pandemic regulations, we need Andy to represent us at the federal level to keep our homes, schools, law & order, and businesses from being destroyed. We can count on Andy Caldwell to stand up for us all.


Andy is an unusual man. He is devoutly Christian and respects he founding fathers’ Judeo-Christian roots. He believes in the rule of law, the Constitution, and Western Civilization. With Andy, In God We Trust, E-Pluribus Unum, and Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death. He is a true American with American roots nurtured in blood & sweat, and supported by family values around the American work ethic. He reminds us all to be proud of our American culture. We are unique in this world.

Genevieve Sweet

In my opinion, Andy Caldwell will be an asset to Congress. He is Very honest and has a lot of integrity. I wish the best to him.

Ron Patterson

We need a conservative to represent us in the US Congress, someone who will work with President Trump not against him. Please vote for Andy Caldwell in 2020.

Guy Brigman

No more taxes. California has been ruined by the liberals. We need change

Joan Schumacher

Andy has a long record of being an advocate for our Constitutional rights. We need him as our Congressman.

Lili Walker

“Andy is a no-nonsense thinker whose aim is to disencumber the community from the strictures of government so as to expand economic opportunities for all.”

Evalee Treen

Andy’s articles are the most informative of all the political ones in the NewsPress.

John Rickard II

Andy Caldwell is the best candidate to represent the people’s interests!!!

Julie Funk

Andy has a good sense of what our communities really need. Common sense conservative values that won’t strangle us with overdue burden!

Henk Pouderoyen

Andy, thank you for the excellent work that you do to advance the cause of common sense and traditional American values. Your dedication and professionalism in this through the years is much appreciated.
Henk Pouderoyen

Scott Mathews

Andy is a stand up guy and will fight for our district. We have been missing any kind of representation for a long time. Andy will fight for us!

Mike Lee

Andy speaks clearly about the situation we are in. There is no option for remaining in the status quo, it’s time for strong support of law and order with no hesitation. Andy offers that.

Edward Belcastro

Andy is Good for Santa Barbara County and the USA
please vote for a representative, like Andy, who believes in the people!



Theresa Aston

i endorse Andy Caldwell. Carbahal has to go. He has not once voted for what his constituants want, he votes for whats popular in his group.

Carolyn Edwards

It is time for logic and results to come to Washington. That would be Andy. You have our vote.

Nick Silha

Andy Caldwell will provide the citizens of the central coast with the leadership we deserve from a representative and not one party’s self interest.
Let’s take control away from a one party government and give it back to the citizens!

Mark and Trudy Allen

We believe Andy is a supporter of the American way of life. He believes in the nuclear family and values that have made this country great. He will bring common sense, ethics and morals to the Congress. We wholeheartedly endorse Andy!

Mellissa Clark

I’m endorsing Andy Caldwell because he supports true freedom.

Kari Edwards

Andy isn’t the typical politician. It’s time we made a change!

Ellen Hudachek

i have been “fan” for years.
Thank you for running.
How can I help from home?

Parnell Fuhrer

I strongly support Andy. He is not like Saul, all talk and no action.

Cliff Vogel

Andy has home grown roots. If he runs in my district, I would vote for him.

Dawn Coon

Please add me to your list to receive emails. Thanks

Alma McClintock

I’m with you 100%. As a conservative, law abiding Latina I came to this country legally, looking for FREEDOM and Law and order. Under Progressives our communities are LESS safe, run poorly and not business friendly, we need to preserve the Constitution and reject this cancel culture and identity policies poison

Michael Lane

I’ve listened to Andy on the radio for many years, and I endorse him for Congress 2020. I support Andy’s stance on illegal immigration, his support of law and order, and his commitment to hold politicians accountable for their actions and their votes.

Andy McKellar

Fights for and supports the rights and freedom for small business owners on the central coast who are trying to keep their doors open, while providing for their employees and their families.

Art Rivera

Andy, you are our voice. We need you in Congress to bring back the American way of life. God bless you. You have my vote.

Jen Hulme

I endorse this candidate. I would like to put up a yard sign. I live on a busy corner in my neighborhood. Thanks!

Lawrence Gutierrez

I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of rights, freedom of out first and second amendment. I despise what political democrats are doing to destroy America. I hate for foreign immigrants voted into congress and disrespecting America.

Toni Orban

Paso Residents TJ Orban-Baugh CMT and James Baugh Small Business Owner Endorse Andy Caldwell. Thanks for caring for our local economy, families and jobs.

Marni Castor

I highly endorse Andy. Andy is who we need to save California.

Monica Wright

I support Andy Caldwell in his bid against Salud Carbajal who has been in office way to long and is part of the current political problem.

Bill Rice

We need Andy more than ever in Congress. Salad is a nice guy but “an empty suit”

Bill Rice

We need Andy more than ever in Congress. Salad is a nice guy but “an empty suit”

jeremy mecham

I love your message and you have mine and my familys vote. Go get em

Chris Rowland

I would like more information please. I am definitely not happy with Salut

David Van Wie

Andy will not be a puppet on a string of any one. He researches, studies and says it like it is. Listen to his radio show

Jason Anderson

Andy Caldwell has shown that he has the insight and understanding of how our system of government works, what is broken and what needs to be fixed in order to represent all of the citizens of California.

Toni Orban

As a slo county resident I endorse Andy Caldwell. I listened to several of his recent interviews and was impressed with his personal history of our area, and his expertise on local economics. I am voting for CALDWELL and promoting him on my social media pages. TJ Orban CMT CFT.

John Ensor

I support This Campaing after trying to Get Michael Woody to beat the Democrat Carbajal. We now have a Leader that will help SLO county instead of just Santa Barbara County..
God Bless him on this Battle! Salud is a Bad Man…

Anamaria Unger

I 100% support Andy Caldwell. Andy has what it takes to support our beautiful counties of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara. Andy has always focused on his community and his fellow citizens. We will finally have a representative that will actually work for the people in this area and not simply placate to the special interest groups and unions of DC. Thank you, Andy! You are representing all of us!!!

rob freyer

I support Andy Caldwell,, He will restore commonsense and good fiscal policy for us!

Greg Johnson

Our constitutional rights and our heritage have never been under such attacks as they are right now. Not only does sending Andy to Washington add a voice in defense of our rights and traditions, but it removes a voice that couldn’t care less. It’s a win-win.

Tina Porter

We need Andy.. we have had enough of Salud & his ilk!

Jay McCord

I have followed Andy for years. It’s time to have representation in Washington by someone who is familiar with our issues. Thank you

Pamela Geremis

Hopefully he will win and help out this declining area. He had so much knowledge and love for our people and area…may you win big…The very best to you❣️

Eric Fernandes

I’m a registered conservative and I am disgusted with the politicians playing politics throughout my life and especially these last four years of the President Trump administration. I believe our USA Constitution and Bill of Rights is what allows its people to be exceptional and do great things. The government is suppose to be for the people and of the people, with God given unalienable rights… we along with our schools need to get back to teaching our exceptionalism along with patriotism, nationalism and capitalism. The roll of our government is to support individual freedoms, build a strong an American first economy and protect our boarders 🇺🇸

James McClintock

Its time to send an American to Congress that cares about the 24th District and all the citizens that live and work within the boundaries of this area.

Michael Lehane

Andy is that rarity in our current political landscape…an honest man.

Mike Fealy

My Endorsement could read

I Love Ellwood, and I love America. Please Vote for someone who loves America Too.

Mike Fealy
Founder Freinds of the Ellwood Coast

Rita Rosemary Rivas

California needs more “down to earth” type people like Andy. People who worked for what they have and treasure it. A family man with family values. I want America to know that not all Californians are Democrats or protestors. We are hard-working people who want a better life for our children and more opportunities than we had. We have three daughters that went to college, 90% paid for by themselves or my husband and I. They are “dreamers” also – just because they are Californians and not illegal immigrants, doesn’t mean they don’t have dreams too.


When my family had Jo Ann’s candies an cakes we would listen to you on the radio an how you educated us an standing up . You have our full endorsement Andy

Rita Belluz

We need you Andy! We need someone who has common sense and will support all the residents of the central coast and not just a few.

Karen Muscio

Proud to be a supporter of such a great American and conservative. We need more politicians with common sense. Vote for Andy!!!

William Gilbert, Former Airport Commissioner

Andy has demonstrated he goes to the issue not the party. We need a change. The years of progressive leaders has replaced the charm , ambiance and sustainability of the area into just another tourist trap.

Veronica Cota

Andy is a stand-up guy. He wants what is best for the growth and prosperity of this state and the country and he will work hard to ensure that there will be a positive change. He speaks to the people and really listens. He stands for all the values that I was raised with and believe in. He is the perfect choice for congress

Joan Schumacher

Andy Caldwell is a compassionate, informed, Constitutional conservative. We NEED him as our Representative!

Joan Schumacher

Andy Caldwell is a compassionate, informed, Constitutional conservative. We NEED him as our Representative!

Lisa Muro

Vote for Andy! Time for common sense once again!

Bill Culley

Andy is the right person to lead California in 2020 / 21. Congress is a mess. Time to get rid of the garbage. From: a CA. Electrical Contractor

Kent Englert

Andy represents leadership of the future. We need Andy in Congress to provide real leadership that we have not had for years; maybe decades.

Jeffrey Scott

Andy is a representative that will be able to cross isles if necessary for the betterment of all of the 24th residents. Unlike Carbajal who votes strictly party lines and ignores 47% of his district because we do not have the same ideas on how to govern and protect the north county. Andy will listen and make an informed decision on things without anybody pulling his strings. Most of the 24th knows we need a change for our betterment and with Andy we may have a chance of a fair, open and informative dialog. Carbajal does whatever Nancy Pelosi wants him to do. Santa Barbara city is not the beating heart of this district though they have the purse strings and power.

James Hixon

We need strong conservative voices in Congress. Not just talking heads. Ones that actually get things done. People like Andy Caldwell that actually live and breathe the values our country was built on!

J Martinez

He is very honest clear an truly carring and loves our country constitution an her people but above all puts GOD first in all that he does he is very mindful to the question how an does this bring honor an joy to JESUS!

Ron Ziegler

Thank you for your great work to stop the greedy politicians. Regarding the Sears property. There is a report saying the hospital is only 56% full plus the $40,000 per month is excessive. Are there news reporters to uncover any cronyism in this sort of thing. I’m always skeptical about these. Best of luck

Carolyn Edwards

Andy will get things done. He will not go to Washington and sit around “resisting” he will actually work for us.

Robert Vance

Andy Caldwell is the kind of politician we need. Please vote for him and support him! Rob Vance

James Rady

I stumbled on your message on Facebook. I like it. I am intrigued, and interested in supporting your cause

Tanny Keeler

Yes, I support Andy Caldwell…..have supported him since he entered the race. GO ANDY!

Fred Moldenhauer

A true American with American values. We need more like him in Congress.

Gary Boubel

Fully support Andy Caldwell, someone who will do the right thing for the people, not just pay lip service and do whatever it takes to stay in power like Salud Carbajal and the liberal Democrats.

Lori Eckermann

After listen to Andy on the radio for many years we need him to continue by not only talking the word but taking care of business the way it should be.

Mark Hamerdinger

I like what Andy has been writing for many years now and believe Andy has the values, tenacity and fortitude to move values I hold forward.

Karl Burrelsman

I believe that Andy will help restore common sense to Sacramento. Contrary to what the activist media loves to report, America is a great country.

Anthony Perez

I heard this gentleman speak in downtown Paso Robles and he was so inspiring . It was the highlight of my Fourth of July being there .

Lee Latta

We need some no-nonsense common sense in Washington. I believe Andy will be true to his core beliefs, and will not be swayed by special interests

Sean Edgar

I did in 2018 and will vote for Andy in 2020! We need him in congress! Awesome dude!

Lauren Coffman

I endorse Andy Caldwell for Congress. It’s time for someone who listens to his constituents, and fights for our freedoms and it’s a career politician.


Andy take is good ole knowledge paired with common sense experience. He has a real gift of connecting with the everyday guy, with warmth and charm! And he knows his stuff!!

Molly Haidy Schmitt

I endorse Andy Caldwell for his logical and pro active thinking and treatment of American citizens.

Jacqueline Gardner

Common Sense is not Common in today government… Mr. Caldwell can/will change that!

Margaret Halsell

We so need this man of integrity who brings hope to our state of California and our country. His life work watchdog for county gives him the knowledge of the needs of the working people. We need you Andy

George Hannah

Andy is the kind of person that will fight for us, and the needs of all that live in our area of the Central Coast. I have listened to him for many years and he is exactly who we need in Congress. As others have said, he is not and will not be a career politician.

Sandra Easton

Andy is prepared to be an effective strong representative for our Central Coast CA region; he supports economic, agricultural, energy production industries to create stability in our area. He promotes education opportunities for all and sound conservation practices. He supports families! Vote Andy this November!

James Snell

Finally a candidate who understands the issues and will vote for the people of Santa Barbara County & against the Democratic Party.

Erin Stevenson

I think Andy Caldwell will actually serve the people he represents!

Lynn Wright

He stands up for what’s best for our citizens and their businesses. We need Andy to keep the crazy liberals from ruining our Paso Robles