"I support Andy Caldwell for Congress... he's the medicine Washington DC needs."
Sam Blakeslee
former Assemblyman
"Andy Caldwell has earned my support - not with words, but with actions."
Brooks Firestone
former Assemblyman
"Andy is exactly the kind of person that we need in Congress. He is not and will not be a career politician. He wants smaller government and lower taxes and can help Drain the Swamp in Washington."
Peter Byrne
"Andy will do what is best for our district. He will help clean up the current mess in DC. Pelosi and her cronies in the House of Representatives need to be stopped before they do even more damage."
Lorin Cuthbert

Support Andy

Tell us why you are supporting Andy Caldwell!
"I would like to see the 24th District flip back to the way it was when Eric and Andrea Seastrand were representing us. I assume and hope that Andy will join the Freedom Caucus after he is elected as it is a must that we combat this trend towards Socialism."
Ralph Bush
"I've known Andy for many years. He is a tireless fighter for the rights of the people. He is also courageous in his battles. Many times I've witnessed Andy go into the Lion's Den to advocate for the ideals and rights of his COLAB membership. Conversely, I've had the displeasure of trying to work with Salud Carbajal on several projects. He is a politician through and through and has no reluctance to mislead the voters in order to protect his political livelihood. Andy Caldwell for Congress!"
John Deacon
"My wife and I own Abbey Carpet & Floor in Santa Maria. We endorse Andy because he represents and believes in free enterprise, the freedom to work and make the most of your God given talents. without government interference and without high taxes."
Phil Ferdolage
"Andy is one of the most ethical and morally honest people around. When considering an action to take, it's not about political party direction, it's about "what is the right thing to do". That is Andy in a nutshell. And it's why I wholeheartedly endorse him for Congress."
Mike Gibson
"Please crush Slick Salud, this man only represents immigrants. Your going to need money and the Republican Party is weak in the central coast."
Matthew Haley
"For 30 years Andy Caldwell has fought corruption & waste in government. Andy is no politician - he's is a Patriot who will focus on solving problems."
Mark McIntire
"I’ve known Andy for a long time. He not only listens to the ills of our community he lobbies hard to make positive changes. He’s always been a bulldog not afraid to take on wayward self righteous politicians, that have lost their way. As a Vietnam Veteran I’m voting for Andy because I know that when I have a problem with a government bureaucracy I’ll be able to walk into Andy’s office and he’ll take care of business. Andy is the best choice by a long shot."
Steve LeBard
"It is so refreshing to have a voice of reason in this sea of craziness. I am so excited to endorse Andy Caldwell. I feel like we can make our little part of the world a smart and sensible one."
Lisa Griffith
"After meeting Andy and hearing him talk, I’m with Andy!"
Matthew Morales
"We think Andy would be a great Congressman from the Central Coast. Let us know where we can make a contribution. Thank you"
Ruth & George Narancic
"I have known Andy for many years. I am so pleased that he has chosen to run. He is a fantastic choice to represent the interests of the constituents of the 24th Congressional District and of our country as a whole."
"Andy is the right choice for this county, state and country! He’s not afraid to stand up against the socialist agenda that’s trying to turn California into Commifornia. Andy’s got my vote and he should have yours as well! I proudly support and endorse Andy Caldwell!"
Max Oppenau
"This state is suffering because of politicians ideology. It all sounds good but does not work. That is proven to us by the levels of poverty in this state. From the drug addicted mentally ill homeless people to the young who are being brain washed that government will take care of you. We need to take care of the ill and the young by treating the illness and teaching the young about work and ethics. I endorse Mr Caldwell because I believe from listening to him that he will fight for these people and more. We need to take this state back with proven methods not ideas. How did this country succeed ? Not by giving it all away but through passion for freedom and hard work!"
Nikki Pool
"We are at an important time in the political history of our Country. Andy will stand and deliver - and fight for our age old capitalist rights. We must stop the thrust of Socialism - which has never succeeded - and promote Capitalism - which has made the United States the envy of the World. Join us in supporting Andy Caldwell to defeat Salud Carbajal and promote the Greatest Capitalistic System ever formed in the history of the Political World."
Doug Stevens
"My husband and I used to go to the monthly city hall meetings in Santa Maria. We watched him fight against corruption. He isn't just some politician. He's one of us!! "
Gina Sigman
"Recently discovered Andy on the radio and his research into topics and guests to support the research are ver informative! Taking this knowledge to Congress can only help get Congress back on track!!"
Lee Sprague