Do You Know What America the Beautiful is Up Against?

Do You Know What America the Beautiful is Up Against?

There is no country on earth with greater diversity and opportunity than America. We are not, and never will be, perfect. Nevertheless, we will always aspire to a more perfect union of the people, by the people and for the people.

That is our legacy as Americans.

Unfortunately, however, this July 4, there are not enough leaders defending these truths, as insurrectionists indiscriminately tear down and trample monuments dedicated to our heritage and history.

To understand today’s threat, we must remind ourselves that independence and liberty are part of our DNA. Our freedom only works, however, when every individual citizen takes personal responsibility for their own well-being and shares corporate responsibility for the good of country.

Truly, America was built on the premise of God-given unalienable rights administered by a government that would be susceptible to error, usury and aggrandizement, hence, Thomas Jefferson suggested we deal with that eventuality by way of spilling the blood of tyrants, if necessary, via the Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, however, it is not God-inspired patriots who aspire to preserve freedom by way of overthrowing our government, institutions and heritage today, by way of blood and bullets, as stated by Black Lives Matter leader Hawk Newsom, or by the likes of Antifa. That is, America is being accosted by three distinct and disparate movements who intend to abolish our government and our institutions by way of force and mob rule, something antithetical to the American way of life and freedom.

The three distinct political, economic and social movements that seek to build on the ash heap of America are anarchists, socialists and globalists. The anarchists want “freedom” with no accountability or responsibility. The socialists want totalitarian style government free to control every facet of people’s lives at the expense of individual liberty. The globalists seek to usurp the independence of individual nation states even if it means limiting the rights and freedom of their citizens. The one thing these disparate forces agree on is that they want America to go to the dustbin of history.

The malignant zeal to undermine our heritage includes attacks on the Lincoln Memorial, the WWII Veterans Memorial, the Unknown Soldier Memorial and even the Emancipation Memorial, which was paid for by freed slaves and dedicated by Frederick Douglas. This cancer on our body politic seeks to denigrate the memory of our heroes and wash away our history. Some activists are even demanding we tear down statues of Jesus!

I readily admit that America has never been perfect, nor were the men and women who helped to form, forge and fight for this country. However, I believe we can and must improve America rather than let it be destroyed. Accordingly, we must withstand the three political, economic, and social constructs that can only succeed at the expense of our destiny, heritage, liberty, freedom and right to self-determination, not to mention our personal responsibilities.

All of this reminds me of the quote: “Man is God’s method. Man is looking for better methods. God is looking for better men” (E.M. Bounds).

We have always striven to be a nation of free men and women united for the common good, admittedly, however, that will always be a work in progress dependent upon the work and sacrifice of men like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

Finally, our common good depends upon a guarantee of opportunity by means of liberty rather than imposed universal basic outcomes or by means of government command and control, i.e., tyranny by another name.

Hence, it is not only monuments that are being torn down. The insurrectionists are going after our foundations, including the foundations of one nation under God, along with the law and order institutions which are meant to serve, guarantee and protect our liberty as self-governed people. Let us withstand the same.

Andy Caldwell