Zach Wasil

I just saw your ad and this is the first ad on YouTube I have ever responded to, I cant agree with you more on this subject of Defunding…Im scared for our future in this country and particularly for the future of white Americans! I would like to support you if I can but I do not agree to my endorsement being used as public information in any way without my consent ok. It is my personal opinion that Floyd got himself into the predicament that ended his life and was not murdered or killed by anyone, he resisted arrest, was high on drugs, was stealing money and possibly considered death a better situation than this miserable life right now. I do agree the cop should have backed off but I am sure he thought Floyd could handel it as many other strong adult black men must have during his carreer. I appreciate you ad very much even if you dont agree with my views and I wish you the best of luck on your campaign. I will vote for you.

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